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CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces Osmosis Gateway™

HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE – March 31, 1999 – CommonGround Softworks Inc. today announced the availability of a new software solution for connecting HELIX® databases through Internet Protocols.

"Osmosis Gateway (OG) provides access to HELIX® applications running on AppleTalk networks. It uses a subset of the telnet communications protocol incorporating specialized parameters designed to store, retrieve and delete data."

"OG assumes the role of the telnet ‘server’. The server is responsible for opening connections (initiated by a telnet ‘client’), communicating to and from HELIX® data bases via AppleEvents (AEEA), concurrency control and process time-outs."

"OG does not incorporate a user ‘front-end’, but rather defines a protocol that can be used by a variety of front-end applications. Front-end applications are referred to herein as the telnet ‘client’. Because Internet Protocols are widely accepted and supported by most modern operating systems, clients designed for Macintosh, Windows, Windows NT and UNIX can communicate directly with HELIX® databases. The sole requirement is that both the client and server be connected to the Internet or be on the same Intranet."

"CommonGround Softworks Inc. is providing the OG Protocol as an 'published protocol'. OG provides a new software tool for developers who wish to develop ‘front end’ database access applications to meet customer needs."

CommonGround Softworks Inc. is a recently formed software company whose mission is to create Internet database connectivity software for the Mac OS.

HELIX is a registered trademark of The Chip Merchant, Inc. dba Helix. Mac OS is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc. Osmosis Gateway is a trademark of CommonGround Softworks Inc.

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