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The applications and files listed on this page are available for downloading. Some are intended for the Helix® user who needs Internet/intranet connections to their data base. We strongly recommend they be used in conjunction with the support and consultation of CommonGround Softworks Inc. or other experienced database developers.

Some files must be registered before they can be activated. Registration involves the purchase of the module by contacting us with your credit card information, or by sending a check or money order to CommonGround Softworks Inc. If you would like to purchase multiple modules, discounts are available. Upon receipt of payment, we will send your registration number (mail, e-mail, fax, etc.).

CommonGround Softworks Inc. makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind concerning the use of these files.

Please e-mail, write or call us for an activation number.

The user assumes all responsibility for the consequences of their use.

All files are compressed. You will need a decompression utility (such as Stuffit Expander).
Qilan (3.3)

Our newest version (released Nov 2014) runs on intel Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. Qilan 3.3 is provided with a number of database adapters. We have a specific area of our web site for Qilan. This link will start you into the download process. Qilan Lite is free but registration is needed if you expect to use Qilan for a large commercial project. Your email address is requested in case we find a bad bug. The info is only for our use and is kept private, but if that still bothers you, a fake address will work!


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